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Lynn Di Nino - Artist, Instructor, Entrepreneur

You can more fully appreciate Lynn, her artworks, and her strong presence in the art community, when you know she’s raised in the cotton belt of New Mexico by a single mother of five who worked as a waitress. From an early age she collected throw-aways in order to create shoes, wearables, and small sculpture. This was before dumpster-diving became respectable. These activities were her lifeblood and continue to inspire her current sculpture-making, and enactment of ideas into performance art.

As a freelance artist since 1974, she’s completely self-supporting through private commissions, gallery exhibitions of her sculpture, and some teaching – usually workshops in one area of her expertise, hybridized concrete.

In recent years her expansion into performance art and her move to Tacoma has inspired a burst of energy resulting in public presentations that might include collaboration with other arts professionals, big ideas, outrageous oversized props, audience participation, opera singing and costumed artists.

After more than 35 years of this high level of intensity, you think she’d slow down . . . but not yet, here comes another idea!